1. NBA Lockout Primer, Animated

It has been too long since a complicated sports story got condensed into an animated Taiwanese clip. Fortunately, NMA made up for the drought with this absolute gem. I'm expecting Oscar nominations galore.

2. Papelbon Bounces Back Quick

If you had any worries that the Red Sox collapse would have lingering effects on the team's closer, this news should assuage your fears. Although to be fair, considering how people party in the Big Easy, the Louisiana native may just have been at what he would consider to be a small get-together with family.

4. Foo Fighters Classic Gets Tebowned

What do you get a man who already has a statue carved in his honor? These guys decided on rewriting a song to glorify him. That said, I can't explain their photo choice at 1:46.

5. Rex The Best?

After a bye in Week 5, Rex Grossman earned the title of best QB in the NFC East, according to Deion Sanders. Sanders later defended his statement on Twitter, telling his followers to "Watch over the next 3 weeks and holla at me." Deion, expect some hollering.

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