1. Labor Of Love

There's an amazing story about the Chicago Marathon taking hold of the innernets this week: The runner who completed the marathon, then proceeded to give birth to a child. I don't know why this woman is being celebrated. If a glass of wine is a cardinal sin for pregnant ladies, I don't understand how running 26.2 miles is acceptable.

2. Lockout Remedy

Seeing as the lockout is still in place, LeBron and Wade decided to host another high-profile game in lieu of actual competition. Hence, the 2011 South Florida Classic. I'm sure David Stern was too busy counting his money to care.

3. Roadkill In Reverse

I bike every day. The last thing I'd expect to hit is an antelope. This guy neither. That's why the antelope hit him I guess.

4. Choice Words

Kenyon Martin really needs to play basketball or something. Come December, who knows what tweets he'll be spewing.

5. Fast ... Stupid Fast

I don't know what's scarier: The fact that Sport Science is simulating Devin Hester's speed with a bear, or the fact that a bear runs as fast as Devin Hester while weighing 600 pounds more than he does.

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