1. Cleated In The Helmet

D'Brickashaw's a really cool name. Getting an opposing player's helmet stuck on your cleat is cool too.

3. What Al Davis Meant To The Jews

In the midst of a Saturday Yom Kippur, which caused many Jews to miss college football games, the MLB playoffs and NHL openers, Al Davis passed away. His life as possibly the most influential Jewish sportsman of all-time was certainly a break fast topic.

4. Hack Attack?

Nobody ever thought Chuck Knoblauch was a nice guy, but this is just messed up. Everybody claims they got hacked after the fact to cover up, but that might actually be the case here.

5. Wing Outstretching His Wings

LSU punter Brad Wing outstretched his own wings as he ran a fake punt into the end zone versus Florida on Saturday. The referees took it as a taunt and LSU received a 15-yard penalty short of the end zone.

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