1. Mustache Aficionados

The American Mustache Institute has conducted a hilarious interview with mustached American hero, Aaron Rodgers. They dig deep: Should the Super Bowl should be played on Saturday? Is it a requirement that at least one in every six cops dons a stache?

2. What's In A Name?

Angels pitcher Jerome Williams' name is pronounced exactly the way it looks. But when he broke into the majors with the Giants in 2005, his teammates and coaches called him Jeremy for two years before he spoke up. And then his pitching coach slapped him in the face for being so shy.

3. Hole-In-One

Rahil Gangjee, 33-year-old Indian rookie, hit a 318-yard hole-in-one on the 15th hole in the final round of the Mylan Classic. Holes-in-one are always astounding, but perhaps it's more intriguing that a rookie is already 33?

4. N.Y. Athletes Bombard Entourage

Check out Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, Amar'e Stoudemire and Michael Strahan on last week's episode of Entourage. Their performances are not too shabby. Plus, we get to hear Stoudemire and Strahan drop f-bombs.

5. Match The Grunt

The Wall Street Journal has put together a game where you must match tennis stars with their accompanying grunt. If you take away the pictures of tennis stars, the sound bites seem pretty disturbing.

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