1. Lil' Blake

Ever since Lil' Penny, the NBA has been in desperate need of a superstar with a miniature puppet counterpart. Unfortunately for Blake Griffin, Lil' Blake is shaping up to be a little less funny and a little more, "frame regular Griffin for murder."

3. One Tweet Says It All

Kevin Durant recently tweeted at Brandon Jennings that he's getting tired of playing in exhibition matches. When the man who dropped 66 points at Rucker Park and then 59 against LeBron last month is tiring of non-NBA basketball, it's time for the lockout to end.

4. Wild Finish For The Wild Card

SB Nation has put together a list of some of the most memorable Game 162's in the history of MLB's wild card era. With four teams battling for the two 2011 wild card spots on the last day of the regular season, I think it's safe to add this year to the list.

5. Ozzie Bleepin' Guillen

In honor of Ozzie Guillen leaving the White Sox for the Marlins, SportsCenter put together a video of memorable Ozzie sound bites. Wait, is this Ozzie Guillen or Ozzy Osbourne? It's tough to tell with all the bleepin' cursing.

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