1. Yankees Think Yankees Are Scrappy Underdogs! Wait, What?

The Yankees clinched the AL East two nights ago. Random Human Who's Uninterested in Baseball says: "Yawn. This is why I'm uninterested in baseball." Red Sox Fans Say: "Expletive deleted! And also, even we knew that despite how wicked awesome we looked in spring training, these dudes would still ruin our lives somehow." Yankees Fans Say: "Okay seriously, this isn’t even exciting for us anymore." Mariano Rivera Says: "It's tremendous, especially because nobody gave us opportunities! Nobody gave us a shot!" Entire Universe Says: "... HUH?"

2. Leaked MLB Logos: One's Awesome, One's ... Not.

Here are the (alleged) new logos for the Blue Jays and the Marlins. One team went the classy old school route with a clear picture of the bird its team is named after against a solid background, with a little shout out to the country that has no other choice but to root for them. The worst team in the NL East went with the "Let's draw a cool (read: not cool) block M plus a Marlin, except our version of a Marlin is a couple of swooshy lines to show some kind of moving blurb, all in essentially the same color scheme as the second worst team in the NL East!" approach. Verdict: Canada wins.

4. Winter Classic 2012 Official Promo

Hockey's back!!! Kind of. At least pre-season is. And since you'll be excited about the beginning of the 29-month season for about 18 seconds before losing interest, here's a really awesome promo for the Winter Classic between the Flyers and Rangers so that you can get re-excited about the NHL four months from now.

5. Turkey Says: No Boys Allowed

In response to recent violent and unruly fan behavior, Turkey decided to ban men from soccer games, instead making it a women-and children-under-12 only environment. The result? Here's what a soccer match with 41,000 people, none of which are grown men, looks -- and sounds -- like. Pretty impressive.

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