1. Griffin The Intern

Watch Blake Griffin undergo some intern hazing on his first day at Funny or Die. Griffin and Will Ferrell had some great comedy chemistry, and his future at Funny or Die looks bright. Unfortunately, the future of the next NBA season is still cloudier than ever.

2. Barkley's Way

Charles Barkley belted out some Karaoke at a bar on Long Island recently, while in town for a charity golf tournament. He sang Frank Sinatra's "My Way." Let's just say he's no Frank Sinatra.

3. Head's Up

Giants linebacker Michael Boley scooped up a dropped lateral and rumbled 65 yards into the end zone for a defensive touchdown Monday night against the Rams. He proceeded to celebrate by launching the football directly into the face of a Giants intern.

4. A-Rod's New House

Alex Rodriguez's new South Beach mansion is incredibly huge and cost $24 million. And don't forget, he can only really live here during the off-season, which is less than half of the year. Yeah, his life is better than yours.

5. If A Tree Falls In The Woods

Marlins outfielder Mike Stanton absolutely clobbered a couple of home runs in a recent game against the Atlanta Braves. But if Mike Stanton crushes home runs and nobody's around to see it, did it really happen?

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