1. Soapbox Moment

Before I get started, I'd just like to take a moment to point and laugh at everyone who thought Cam Newton couldn't play quarterback at the NFL level. Sure, he's 0-2 and has thrown his share of picks, but he's almost beat two teams (including the champs) by himself. He'll be runaway ROY and a fantasy football darling for the next decade. Enjoy the crow.

2. Too Real

FIFA 2012 will have advanced dive technology.
Finally, the essence of soccer wussification, as Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell might put it, can be captured and taught to millions of American kids.

3. Show 'Em How It's Done

This is what I like to see right here. Veterans in the intoxication game showing us young bucks how to properly shotgun a beer. They probably started on moonshine when they were my age.

4. Grudges Are Eternal

Joe Mauer caught a lot of heat this year in Minnesota from fans. Rightfully so, as the $100 million man couldn't help lead his team to a .500 record. Twinkie Nation was so upset, even mortality couldn't smooth things over.

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