1. Fox's Football Robots

Fox Sports has unveiled a new set of football-playing robots for the upcoming season, and its robotic world seems a little more XFL than NFL. Shields to deflect defenders and rockets on their feet are just two of the features on the updated bots.

4. Trick Shot

Gael Monfils, caught out of position, improvised an impressive, behind-the-back return shot against Juan Carlos Ferrero at the U.S. Open. Unfortunately for Monfils, Ferrero ended up getting the point and ultimately took home the victory.

5. Dear Gary Bettman

Two music critics for the Winnipeg Free Press are begging Gary Bettman not to have Nickelback perform at NHL FaceOff, the season kick-off show scheduled for Oct. 6 in Winnipeg. Via an open letter posted on their site, they sound pretty passionate: "[A Nickelback appearance would be] tantamount to spitting on Bobby Hull's toupee, burning Dale Hawerchuk's jersey, leaving something wet on Thomas Steen's city council seat or tripping Teemu Selanne on the ice during his final season in the NHL."

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