1. Every Man's Dream

Have you always dreamed of being a professional athlete in a sport that involves beer? The correct answer is yes, and now you can live the dream with Masskrugstemmen, the endurance sport where you hold a one-liter beer out in front of you with one hand and try not to spill.

2. Good Call, Nice Catch

Catching a foul ball is an exhilarating moment for a fan. Well, normally.This stone-faced Texas Rangers' fan casually snags a foul line drive and it doesn't even affect his phone call.

3. The Mad Strategist

Kevin Kelley, head coach of Pulaski Academy's football team is rather unconventional. Take this video of their recent game against Cabot High School for example: After scoring on their opening drive, Pulaski Academy recovered three consecutive onside kicks, en route to a 29-0 lead before their defense even had to take the field.

4. A Hoodie Tribute

The city of Boston has decided to pay tribute to Patriots coach Bill Belichick. The tribute involves adorning five of its most historic statues with Belichick's most beloved garb, a hoodie sweatshirt.

5. Color Schemes

Cal State Bakersfield is taking a page out of Boise State's decor book with its new, dark blue basketball court. What happened to the good old days when fields were made out of actual grass and courts were the color of their floorboards?

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