1. Under The Lights, On The FanCam

The Big House set an attendance record at Michigan's first night game Saturday with 114,804 people, and here's a cool 360 panorama of the crowd so you can find yourself if you were one of 'em. If you weren't, Six Degrees of Separation assures you'll find someone you at least vaguely know somewhere on here--or 1,000 people you vaguely know.

2. Spoiler Alert: Serena Gets Mad

This animated video is a cool reenactment of the most unsurprising news of the year: Serena Williams threw a fit at the U.S. Open. They should probably consider creating an entire original animated series called "Tennis Players Acting Like Children."

3. A Galaxy Far, Far Away From The Playoffs

The Mets need a lot more than the force to be even remotely watchable these days, but a good cause and a Tuskin Raider always helps. Here's hoping Jar Jar Binks was left off the invite list.

4. Rookie Hazing Day

Monday marked the ever exciting Rookie Hazing Day, where MLB rooks were forced to wear embarrassing (read: awesome) costumes. There were lots of good ones, but my personal favorite team photo is of the Rays, whose collection of outfits featured multiple cops, multiple potato heads, multiple Alice in Wonderland characters, and one weird pregnant Tinkerbell-esque creature.

5. Nicktoons MLB Video Game Released

I don't have much confidence in SpongeBob's athletic ability, especially given the recent findings that he's bad for children's brains, but I think Stimpy can give Cliff Lee some real trouble out there. Wonder if any of the Rugrats made the cut for the 'Toons, 'cause even though they can't walk yet, they could probably hold their own against any Mets included.

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