1. Turf Wars

It's no secret -- at least to Bears fans -- that Soldier Field sucks. Not the stadium, not the illustrious history, the actual field. It's terrible. A hazard even, at times. However, in typical McCaskey fashion, all we're getting after a Bears practice was cancelled due to an unplayable surface, is a promise that they'll try harder to maintain the grass. Not even a pinky swear.

2. Game Breaker

People at the Rucker rushed the court after Kevin Durant hit a few deep threes. Lames. Terrance Williams (and an unfortunate Derrick Caracter) give this Louisville crowd a real reason to shut the gym down.

3. Genius

Simple title, because the brilliance here is simple. Bikini bottoms + a QR code = happiness for us all. The British beach volleyball team will be pioneering this soon-to-be-everywhere ad.

4. Chattal Superstars

Recruiting, by definition, is crooked. At any and every level. Recruiters' jobs are to make their offer more attractive than anyone elses, no matter what. You saw Rick Fox in "He Got Game." An SI report is claiming that nearly half of elite high school hoopers in 2011 have played for more than one school. I guess that indirectly claims that recruiters suck too.

5. Major League Biased-ball

People dislike A-Rod for many reasons: He's rich and talented, he did steroids, he takes soft pictures. I dislike the MLB for one reason: It's full of short-sighted tyrants. A-Rod is getting crap for a poker game he maybe never even knew existed. Did you know that Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle almost got the Rose treatment for promoting at casinos after retiring? Meanwhile, Marge Schott was allowed to live.

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