1. Purple Stain

Evidently, we aren't close to the end of the colored field fad. I hope Northwestern is either a copycat or an impostor that ends up looking foolish for the new-age choice rather than one of the first to jump on a long-term trend in college basketball.

2. Now That's A Tattoo

Remember that guy who got a photo of LeBron tattooed on his leg? Well, he just got outdone, by a mile. However, he shouldn't be ashamed. In fact, he should be happy now that this John Elway superfan officially owns the title of craziest fan ever.

3. Nyjer Morgan Spices Up An Interview

I'll let Morgan speak for himself simply because he is just so good at it. I don't know who he's impersonating or if that cackle was legitimate, but it all comes together perfectly.

4. A-Rod Knows How Not To Party

For the second time in just over a month, Alex Rodriguez is in trouble with the league office for illegal gambling. And this isn't your everyday March Madness pool; some players have lost half of a million dollars in one game.

5. Happy Birthday, Tom

What do you get the man that has it all? How about a collection of the most embarrassing moments of his career? Happy Birthday, and may you have many, many more (embarrassing moments that is).

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