1. Baldwin And Krasinski Are On Fire

Things are really heating up in the latest installment of New Era commercials featuring Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski. And by heating up I mean this one involves an apartment burning to the ground.

2. Vick Tops The List

To celebrate the release of Madden 12, Complex.com has put together a list of the 50 most dominant Madden characters in the game's history. And since real-life Michael Vick plays football like it's a video game, it's no surprise that his animated likeness tops the list.

4. Delicious But Deadly

An entire pizza was ruined when South Carolina backup quarterback Andrew Clifford crashed his moped and was knocked unconscious. In other news, Clifford will be out a few weeks with injuries resulting from the crash.

5. Ouch

Check out this monstrous, Madden Hit Stick-style hit in a recent high school football game. Is that defender a real person or just a flimsy doll?

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