1. Durant Drops 66

Kevin Durant continues to impress. He scored 66 points in a game at the famous Rucker Park in New York City, where street ball legends are made. With the continuation of his NBA legend on hold during the lockout it only makes sense that he would take his talents elsewhere.

2. An NBA Alternative

If you're like most NBA fans who are looking for an alternative to their beloved league, your prayers may have just been answered. Enjoy this Lingerie Basketball scrimmage at Venice Beach. They may not be as big or athletic as the LeBron's of the world, but that's probably not what you'll be watching for.

3. The Kid Can Wrestle

Say hello to Haruka, a 9-year-old female pro wrestler from Japan. While this might not be allowed in the U.S., you can't deny that her moves and agility would put most U.S. wrestlers to shame.

4. Kobe's New Career

At halftime of a recent match between Manchester United and Barcelona Kobe Bryant showed off his dribbling skills. His soccer dribbling skills. Then he scored a penalty kick just inside the left post. Is a new career on the horizon?

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