1. Provo Proposal

Sorry, female fans of Jimmer Nation. He's off the market. Fredette proposed to girlfriend Whitney Wonnacott, a senior cheerleader at BYU, on Friday night. It must be nice to be a senior in college with a rock on your finger from an NBA point guard. Also, the announcement ironically came on the same day that Brandon Davies was reinstated into the BYU basketball program after his sexual actions last winter.

2. Captain's Coping

While one relationship reaches a turning point, another comes to an end. Derek Jeter and actress Minka Kelly publicly announced their split after three years. The good news for the Yankees: Jeter's relationship problems obviously aren't affecting his play, as he's been hitting better in the past month than he had for the past two years. Add Kelly to Mariah Carey, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, and the other women of The Captain's past.

3. Making The Jump

This past week, everyone's been wondering the same thing. Do any of the kids from the Little League World Series actually make it to the Major Leagues? Well, here's ten of them. No, Chris Drury is not on the list.

4. Leaving For The Hurricane

Bobby Valentine is the Public Safety Director of Stamford, Connecticut. Bobby Valentine also works as a commentator for ESPN on Sunday Night Baseball. Commentating over hurricane protection?

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