1. All The Samberg That's Fit To Print

With the U.S. Open right around the corner, the New York Times Magazine has published a lengthy piece about tennis rivalries. The piece also includes iconic photos of some of tennis' greatest players -- or does it? Turns out that is not John McEnroe or Bjorn Borg in those photos: It's comedian Andy Samberg, very accurately depicting some of the sport's best rivalries. I think Samberg can do a better Andre Agassi than Andre Agassi.

2. Supporting Nationals Not Allowed At Nationals Park

A fan at a Nationals game caught a home run by the opposing team, and proceeded to throw it back, drawing cheers from other Nats fans. Turns out you can't do that. The Nationals have a rule against throwing the ball back after a home run, prompting ushers to remove the fan from his seat. Nationals Park ain't exactly Wrigley quite yet.

4. Haley Sees Weezy

Can you imagine an NFL head coach at a Lil Wayne concert? Todd Haley of the Chiefs made that vision a reality when he attended Weezy's show this past Monday night. Since Lil Wayne is a Packers fan, can we get Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy to attend a show?

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