1. Seeing Star(lin)s

Superstar 21-year-old Cubbie Starlin Castro still has a lot to learn at the Big League level. One very important skill: Paying attention.

2. Coach Luke

Most NBA players are looking for jobs as players during the pending lockout. Luke Walton plans on coaching to stay in shape (Would he have gotten off the bench anyway on a European team?At least now he has to stand up to shout at players.)

3. The Big Shadow Of Big Z

It looked like Cleveland could finally move past the LeBron James saga. First overall pick Kyrie Irving had the town buzzing and preparing to buy his No. 11 jersey. That was until the Cavaliers franchise reportedly announced its intention to retire the No. 11 jersey worn by Zydrunas Ilgauskas for 14 seasons. The same Ilgauskas that left Cleveland to play his final NBA season with LeBron in Miami.

4. 50 Most Overrated Players In World Football

With the 2011-12 soccer season underway, read up on the top 50 most overrated "footballers" in the world. Yes, David Beckham did indeed make the list.

5. Hold the Phone

Check out this one-handed grab at the :17 mark by a fan on the phone during the Little League World Series. ESPN overlooks the ridiculous catch on the Yonny Hernandez home run for Venezuela.

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