1. Following Ochocinco

Chad Ochocinco doesn't like rules. When Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Mason Foster was given a penalty for a blind hit on Ochocinco, the receiver commended the linebacker and promised to reimburse any fine handed to Foster via Twitter. The NFL saw the public reply and plan on managing Ochocinco's money.

2. Big Trouble At The Little League World Series

So much for being the "Little" League World Series. Local favorite Keystone, Pennsylvania, has been drawing so many fans to Williamsport that law enforcement officials pushed for its game today to be played in prime time. Keystone has already drawn crowds of 41,000 and 33,000 in its two games. It takes the Florida Marlins more than a week to rival those totals.

3. Lockout Detour

Yes, there is a lockout going on in the NBA, but it only involves NBA teams. The lockout couldn't stop a group of NBA stars such as Kevin Durant, John Wall, Brandon Jennings, DeMarcus Cousins and JaVale McGee from the Drew and Goodman Leagues of Washington D.C. and Los Angeles from battling in a high-powered showdown at Washington's Trinity University. Here are the highlights:

4. Francesa Gets Iced

New York sports personality Mike Francesa likes that his radio show is televised on the YES Network. What he doesn't like is that the cameras catch him snacking on ice cream during a break.

5. Naughty NASCAR

Don't think NASCAR's a weird sport? Watch as Steve Wallace gets his hair pulled by a crew member of an opposing driver. Also, try to catch the name of the sixth-place finisher shown at the 1:02 mark.

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