2. Rodman's At It Again

Dennis Rodman wasn't allowed to arrive at his Basketball Hall Of Fame induction ceremony the way he wanted -- on a huge, colorful float -- so he had to settle. Instead, he'll arrive via helicopter and has hired acrobats for entertainment. Is anyone surprised?

3. Harper's Tempter Tantrum

Bryce Harper was ejected for violently slamming his helmet onto the ground after he disagreed with the umpire's called strike three.
The bigger concern is the No. 1 overall pick's anemic .248 batting average and 22 strikeouts in 31 games at Class AA Harrisburg.

5. Cops Catch Williams

In classic action movie style, Wisconsin-Milwuake point guard Kaylon Williams jumped out of the drivers side of a moving vehicle to escape the police. He was eventually caught, and had a blood alcohol content three times the legal limit. While this is clearly unacceptable behavior, you can't deny that Williams is agile.

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