1. NFL Hypocrite?

According to a spokesman for the California Highway Patrol, former NFL and Fresno State football player Lorenzo Neal was reportedly driving with a blood-alcohol content over the legal driving limit when he crashed his car into a pole on July 4. Neal, now retired, is the chief information officer for a company called Safe Ride Solutions, a confidential ride service for drunk drivers. Let's hope he wasn't on duty at the time of the accident.

2. LeBron Can't Win

LeBron James finally showed the fight and fortitude he was missing in this year's NBA Finals. Unfortunately, it was in a game of knockout at a New Jersey summer basketball camp where LeBron saved himself from getting out with a ferocious slam that literally knocked his teenage competitor to the floor. Despite his desperate heroics, LeBron would still go on to lose the game.

3. MJ's Love Letter Lawsuit

Laquetta Robinson, Michael Jordan's high school lovebird, plans to take legal action after a love letter penned to her by His Airness years ago was allegedly stolen, sold and recently released onto the Internet. The letter revealed that Jordan wasn't exactly Mr. Spelling, Grammar or Punctuation, so hopefully college treated him well.

4. Chile Grabs The Win

Talk about a low blow. In Tuesday's Chile-Mexico Copa America match, Gary Medel of Chile went below the belt to wrestle the ball away from Mexico's Giovani Dos Santos, en route to a 2-1 Chile victory.

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