1. Welcoming The Next Wave Of Giants Fans

The San Francisco Giants' media partner is expecting a new batch of Giants followers to begin popping up nine months after San Fran won the World Series last year, and for obvious reasons. Judging by the number of contestants who have already entered, it looks like San Francisco hospital employees should expect to work some overtime in the coming weeks.

2. Djokovic Celebrates With 'Style'

Wimbledon champion Novak Djokovic followed exuberant celebrations by the Mavericks and Bruins with a concert-like homecoming in Serbia. It's hard to imagine Federer dancing like that, but I'll give the first-timer some slack as long as he doesn't repeat the performance.

3. WNBA Provides Violence During NBA Lockout

As pessimism grows surrounding NBA labor negotiations, the WNBA is already proving that it can aptly fill the NBA's void, at least in the violence department. That said, the WNBA will need to provide some more compelling storylines before they can stay consistently relevant.

4. The Human Home Run Ball

In the run-up to the MLB Home Run Derby, one minor league team showed us all what else could be blasted over the outfield wall. Fortunately, this stunt was more successful than Jimmy Rollins' longball-related endeavor.

5. LeBron James Is A Great Thing About America?

According to Fortune, LeBron James is among the "100 Great Things about America." While all of Cleveland and many other NBA fans might disagree with that selection, it's hard to argue with other choices like Gatorade and Nike. Still, you've got to suspect that the magazine's inclusion of the Pulitzer Prize is a bit of pandering.

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