1. Attack Of The Mantis

If you thought the Pirates overreacted after a close call cost them a game, wait until you see how Logan Morrison responded to a bug landing on his shoulder. Clearly, there are insect-related exceptions to that whole "there is no crying in baseball" rule.

2. A Taste Of What's To Come

The NFL may be back, and it may bring us dozens of highlights, but it will never provide a catch like this one. Here's to hoping that there is a hidden clause in the new CBA allowing knees-on-shoulders catches.

3. Ge-Ne-Rals! Ge-Ne-Rals!

This short film is for anyone in the mood for an uplifting tale about conquering the seemingly impossible. Oh, and it's also about disappointing thousands of paying fans and breaching contracts. Enjoy!

4. The NFL Signing You Haven't Heard About

It's understandable that in the recent flurry of free agent signings, this one flew under the radar.
It's good that the Raiders organization finally sees the value of experience. I just hope they haven't signed another big bust.

5. Should Have Cleared The Set

While taping what should have been another boring X Games interview, the ESPN crew was confronted with a tough ethical dilemma. I sincerely hope that someone confirms that this was a hoax so I can make one of several jokes without feeling icky about it.

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