1. No Time Wasted

The Baltimore Ravens got right to business as soon as the lockout ended. Todd Heap, Derrick Mason, Kelly Gregg and Willis McGahee are all gone. Heap and Gregg were especially critical to 2000s success Baltimore had. That's like losing four 85+ players on Madden.

2. Pulpit Stop

This has got to be the greatest invocation I've ever heard. Sure I don't go to church, but that doesn't mean anything. The man thanked the big guy up top for everything from the corporate sponsors to his lady.

3. Fan Ink

This is allegedly a leg. I'm not too sure what part of the leg this flesh is, but it doesn't look like any I've ever seen. Let alone the ENORMOUS TATTOO OF LEBRON'S FACE. LeBron acknowledged it on Twitter and said pretty much all you could say in this situation.

4. Business Ink

This is why famous people hate the rest of us. Because we tolerate and publicize idiotic tattoos of people's faces on the legs of grown men, while we give Kevin Durant crap for having ink only visible when he's sans shirt. The Oklahoman ran a column on Durant's tatts. Really though?

5. Web Gem, Jr.

Best catch I've seen in 2011 at any level. And the kid's going into the 4th grade.

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