1. A Selfless Act

A young boy played hero Wednesday night after receiving a foul ball at the Diamondbacks-Brewers game. After being given the ball, he noticed a younger fan was upset that the ball was not his. In a selfless act, the original boy gave the ball to the younger one. And to prove that good deeds don't go unnoticed, the television crew invited the boys up to the booth and gave them some autographed goodies.

2. Woods Whacks Williams

Next Media Animation has struck again, this time animating the rise and fall of Tiger Woods and his former caddy, Steve Williams. The animation shows Woods and Williams, side by side as Woods plays whack-a-mole on the golf course, attempting to hit what seems to be his multiple mistresses.

3. World Series Champs Become Bobbleheads

Everyone agrees that bobbleheads are cool, but cool enough to net the Minnesota Twins $391,000 in one day?
A portion of the money made from the bobblehead sets, which contain representations of every player from the 1991 World Series team, will be donated to their community fund.

5. Europe? Try Summer League

Just because the NBA lockout is in full force with no agreement seen on the horizon, it doesn't mean fans won't get there chance to see some superstars hoop it up. The Goodman League and the Drew League, two summer leagues in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles respectively, have put together a game that will feature some of the NBA's best, including Kevin Durant, John Wall, James Harden and Brandon Jennings. The game will take place August 20th, in D.C.

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