1. Tour de Faceplant

This is what happens when years of determination, dedication and training meet freshly laid asphalt. Look at that guy's face! I dare you to tell Dutchman Laurent ten Dam that cycling isn't a sport. Or that numerals have no place as middle names.

2. Field Crasher

Check out this dude running onto the field at the Braves-Nationals game.
That'd be dude, as in a man. In a wedding dress. Which means, prior to this, he was sitting in the stands at the game. In a wedding dress.

3. Iron Mike's Messengers

Mike Tyson's pigeons have become sort of a completely plausible running joke. Tyson's pets have kinda mirrored his personality's evolution: He once bit people while owning a tiger. He now sends uplifting messages via Twitter while owning pigeons. They aren't regular pigeons, though. According to Mike, they've got "the bloodlines of Richard the Lionheart and all those other pigeons." You gonna question him? Didn't think so.

4. Lockout Demands

Tracy McGrady has had a tragic career. Hall of Fame talent clouded by injuries and allegedly Eeyore-like work ethic. Never won a playoff series either. Tracy's trying to change all that now though with this rather direct Twitpic showing his free agent wishes.

5. Slow Motion

Hey, Kate Upton was in Sports Illustrated. There are sports in that magazine.

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