1. Chuck's New Swing

Apparently Charles Barkley has been working on what was widely considered the ugliest swing to ever grace a golf course. Sir Charles finally looks like he could realistically golf.

2. The Champ Vs. The King

David Hill at Negative Dunkalectics shows how the early careers of Muhammed Ali and LeBron James are eerily similar. Ali had his redemption. Only time can tell us if King James will have his.

3. The Beard Vs. The Hair

Fox Sports' Eric Karros has tremendous hair and Brian Wilson couldn't help himself. Wilson basically ignored Karros' question during his post All-Star Game interview to comment on the luscious locks.

4. No Hay Amigo

Jose Reyes may not be able to stay on the field, but he can certainly write a hook. Reyes' new music video has hit YouTube, and features Reyes' rapping skills in full effect. Not bad, Jose. Now just get healthy.

5. Moore's Fashion Statement

Ryan Moore definitely looked more comfortable than most golfers on the course when he played the first round of the 2011 Open Championship in a hoodie. While some courses wouldn't even let him play in his preferred garb, he and his sponsor, Chapeau Noir Golf, refuse to adhere to the funky and very plaid fashion that golf historically lives by.

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