1. Dwyane Wade Is A Bully

In a friendly game of knockout with some kids, Wade became that guy who goes for the block instead of a layup. Even playing dirty, he still couldn't win though. In all seriousness, I'm glad to see D-Wade having fun with some campers during the lockout.

2. Increasing Benefits For Doing The Right Thing

It just keeps getting better for the lucky Yankees fan who gave back the DJ3K ball. On top of free premium tickets for the rest of the year, Christian Lopez will also get at least $50,000, a Miller High Life Party thrown in his name and a baseball card featuring his face in an upcoming Topps set.

3. Hope, Don't Let These Guys Go Solo

If the superstar U.S. goalie is shown this video, it'll be hard for her to turn down these two soldiers. They do make a pretty convincing argument, although they could have been a little more enthusiastic after Wambach's incredible goal and the video certainly would have been just fine without the DJ Khaled impersonation.

4. Nate Robinson Looking To Lockout-hop

Evidently, the little man is already tired of the NBA Lockout and is looking to try on the NFL's labor strife for a change. Or maybe he just hasn't heard about the NFL's trouble. If he ever does make it onto the gridiron, it would be something else to watch him return a pick-six and then dunk on the goalpost.

5. An Alternative To The NFL

If this is really what the lockout would force us to sit down and watch on Sundays, let's hope the NFL can get its act together and get this show on the road. At least this alternative doesn't seem to have penalties for excessive celebration. Maybe the NFL can take a page from their 'baby' book.

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