1. James Harrison Doesn't Hold Back

Even if Roger Goodell ends the lockout in coming days, he'll still have at least one enemy -- James Harrison. In a recent interview with Men's Journal, Harrison called the NFL Commissioner a devil, and a stupid one at that. The Steeler linebacker also blasted his own quarterback. For the record, Harrison claims that the interviewer twisted his words

2. Timberlake Likes Beer, And Maybe Joe Buck Too

In this historically awesome in-game interview, Timberlake declares beer his favorite stadium food while lifting a large cup of it. During the conversation, the music icon also praised Joe Buck multiple times. I'll let you decide how sarcastic Timberlake was while doing the latter.

3. A Celebration Of The MLB's Worst Ever

If you are a baseball history nut or just enjoy reading about the epic failures of years past, check this list out. While I won't ruin the surprise of finding out who "earned" the No. 1 spot, I will tell you to expect a lot of old and familiar names.

4. Happy Birthday, Spud!

In honor of Spud Webb's 48th birthday, I present to you fool-proof evidence that Webb still has ups. OK, so maybe there are some legitimate doubts about the validity of the clip, but I'm not going to rip a man on his big day.

5. Derrick Rose Recovers With Delivery Food

Unlike some unnamed Heat players who reportedly partied with their opponents almost immediately after losing in the NBA Finals, Derrick Rose sat at home recovering mentally and physically following his playoff exit. Hopefully he has a nice TV package; there isn't much to watch in the sports world this time of year.

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