1. America Celebrates A World Cup Miracle, Again

While I doubt the legitimacy of a couple of these shots, some still are pretty exciting. Unsurprisingly, none of the bars in this video are stuffed with as many witnesses as they were for Landon Donovan's heroics from a year ago.

2. Kobe Proves He's Healthy

If you were worried that Kobe Bryant is still ailing after going under the knife for an experimental procedure in Germany, this dunk should quell your fears. On top of that, His post-dunk words proved he has retained his swagger as well as his skill.

3. The Home Run Derby Could Have Been Worse

For a Home Run Derby, Monday night's event was fairly uneventful -- but it could have been worse. For every thrilling Derby, there have been at least a couple of major league duds.

4. Mark Sanchez Visits Hogwarts

Nobody pulls off the Harry Potter 3D glasses quite like Mark Sanchez does. However, The Sanchize's photo raises several questions. How did he get into the movie days before it's midnight release? And why did he just happen to have an extra ticket to give to an unsuspecting female Jets fan? At least she's a step up from the 17-year-old he was with over the winter.

5. Don't Name It Like Beckham

David Beckham is a man of many talents, but maybe he just doesn't have a knack for naming his children.
With one kid already named Brooklyn, David and his wife Victoria brought Harper Seven into the world over the weekend.

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