2. 100 Iverson Crossovers

I bet he learned how to do that in practice. Not the game, practice! This is just a quick reminder how deadly Allen Iverson used to be in the NBA.

3. Bye Bye, Qatar. Hello, USA?

With all the controversy and scandal that is spiraling around FIFA, and its President Sepp Blatter, some believe a rigged 2022 World Cup vote caused Qatar to win. If this is the case, the U.S.'s hopes for the 2022 World Cup may still be alive. Wahoo!

4. Kevin Love Doubts Rubio Arrival

Reports say Ricky Rubio will finally join the Minnesota Timberwolves for the 2011-12 season. However, Kevin Love expressed over Twitter that he isn't too convinced.

5. Jumping The Gun

A French Open ball boy ran onto the court before the point was over. Viktor Troicki looks noticeably rattled 10 seconds into the clip. Andy Murray went on to win the match.

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