1. Hairy Concept

Manchester United's Wayne Rooney is shrugging off the 3-1 Champion's League final loss to Barcelona a little over a week ago rather quickly with a bit of a hat trick. On Saturday, Rooney tweeted to his more than 700,000 followers that he had gotten hair transplants after beginning to go bald at age 25. Rooney then tweeted a follow-up photo of the results on Monday.

3. Making Your Mark

For the Baez brothers, ink is thinker than blood. Prospect Javier Baez, selected ninth overall by the Chicago Cubs in Monday's draft, recently got a neck tattoo of the MLB logo to match older brother Rolando Agosto. Agosto was drafted by the San Diego Padres in 2002, but never made it to the majors. Here's to hoping the younger of the two gets a little more use out of his permanent trademark in the bigs.

4. Still Hunting Wolverines

Ohio State fans may be down in the dumps over former head coach Jim Tressel's resignation and looming NCAA sanctions, but they are still supporting the beleaguered coach in the masses. Here is video of reportedly some 200 fans gathering in Tressel's driveway over the weekend to trash Michigan in song just one more time.

5. French Blip

Li Na became China's first-ever Grand Slam tennis champion Saturday after defeating Italy's Francesca Schiavone in the French Open final. But in a bit of an awkward moment, Schiavone was initially awarded the wrong trophy during the award ceremony.

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