1. Zero Stability

The NBA's Agent Zero, Gilbert Arenas, is at it again. The avid tweeter posted photos of himself involved in the latest fad with origins thought to be out of England and Australia.

2. Humanitarian Mission?

The U.S. women's soccer team kicked off its 2011 World Cup aspirations Tuesday with a 2-0 victory over North Korea, but also exhibited a jersey that has received plenty of criticism. Some have suggested the team's duds make them look more like Clara Barton than Rosie the Riveter.

4. Going Toe-To-Toe

English citizens participated in the 35th annual World Toe Wrestling Championship earlier this week. Said to have been invented in 1976, the competition reportedly draws hundreds to the county of Derbyshire to find out who has the golden toe.

5. Copycat Crime

Kids are great, right? That is until they throw away one of life's best prizes, the foul ball. Here's visual proof from the Giants-Indians game.

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