1. Every Mistake Is A Lesson

In preparation for this year's NBA Draft, Hoopism.com has created a compilation highlighting 10 of the greatest "lessons" from past NBA drafts. The graphic looks infinitely better than any of these players did on the court.

2. Rubio Meets His Fans

Almost exactly two years after the 2009 Draft in which he was selected, phenom Ricky Rubio finally got to Minnesota earlier this week. However, it is still unclear what Herculean feats he accomplished during those two years to deserve the massive amount of fanfare his arrival received. Maybe Timberwolves fans just don't have anything else to cheer for and have been bottling it up for quite some time. Regardless, it must have been awkward for them to repeatedly explain to each incoming traveler that the crowds, cameras and cheerleaders were in fact not for them.

3. Mark Cuban Loving Being King

Making good use of his NBA crown, Mavs owner Mark Cuban has officially published the best "Scoreboard" taunt ever ... in a legal brief no less. At the same time, he has put to bed any debate about who is the coolest owner in major sports.

4. A Twist On The Cup-And-Ball Routine

Why am I never this lucky? As interesting as the fortunate fan's reaction is, the reactions of those around him are just as good. My personal favorites: the woman who tries to catch some falling beer and then rubs it on her arm as well as the boy who sulks away as soon as some alcohol lands on him.

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