1. Cartoon Riots

NMA TV recreates everything in cartoons. They probably have my birth at Mercy Hospital on YouTube somewhere. Anyway, here's their take on the riots up in Vancouver post-Stanley Cup meltdown. They really didn't take advantage of the fact that the actors aren't real..

2. Brewin' Bruins

I don't blame these guys for any of the foolishness in these photos. Young and just won a Stanley Cup. Just don't drink till you forget about it. *Aside* The guy in the background needs to get his priorities in line.

3. Ryan Dunn

RIP to Ryan Dunn, he of Jackass fame.
He was killed in a car crash Monday in Philly. Not an athlete, but if you've ever seen the stunts, then you can't deny the difficulty.

4. Off-seasons

Kevin Durant is on his "no days off" grind. Check him shut down this Drew League game.

5. Fifteen Minutes

DeShawn Stevenson is the NBA's new media darling apparently. He had a helluva Finals, so I can't hate. I can hate on excessive tattooing, though. DeShawn let the world know why he got that Abe Lincoln ink. No newfound bloodline, just because Gilbert Arenas got a Martin Luther King tattoo first. Nice.

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