1. U.S. Golf Boys

Rory McIlroy came into the U.S. Open and blew the field out of the water. You may be wondering where the next generation of American golfers is. Right here.

2. Party Dirk

When all was said and done, Dirk Nowitzki finally got his chance to party. And he showed just how hard the Germans go. Hopefully DeShawn Stephenson didn't give him a ride home.

3. Vancouver With Love

The CBC was finally able to land an interview with Scott Jones and Alex Thomas, the infamous couple caught making out in the middle of the Vancouver Riots. Apparently they didn't think smooching in the midst of one of Canadian history's most rowdy riots was that weird.

4. Don't Ball Like Wall

We know what John Wall is good at: basketball and dancing. We also know what John Wall is not good at: Baseball. Apparently the phrase "To ball like Wall" does not refer to baseball.

5. We Apologize, John

John Wall doesn't deserve any criticism. Not after his opening night Dougie. We apologize, John.

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