1. 100 Reasons To Hate The Heat

As if there wasn't enough fuel on the fire, SB Nation provides 100 more reasons to root for the Mavs. Unfortunately, as the writer points out, all this hate isn't going to stop the Heat from winning it all. In fact, they seem to have learned how to use that fire for their own motivation.

2. The Pen Shows Its Might

It's unclear how much the Panthers are learning at their offseason workouts, but Michael Silver clearly gave them a free lesson Wednesday. I don't think they will be picking on any journalists anytime soon.

3. The Big 401k?

It's official: Shaq has retired. Interestingly, the way in which he announced it, over Twitter and Tout.com (whatever that is) is just as momentous as the announcement itself. Now it's time for a new nickname!

4. Rampage The Bodyguard

Funnyordie.com recently explored a possible occupation for UFC star Rampage Jackson in case his fighting career ever goes south. If this wasn't so hilarious, I feel like he would have gotten a good bit of trash talk from his peers in the octagon.

5. Now That's Clutch

Here is some required viewing for all of the Heatles who supposedly need to learn how to be clutch. Some context: Not only did this shot win the game, it won a series, and not just a normal series, the championship series. Pretty impressive.

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