2. Fantastic Free Kick

Looking for some fantastic soccer? There is no need to outsource to Europe ... look no father than the MLS. Sporting Kansas City's Graham Zusi hits a free kick from 45 yards out. Try that, Didier Drogba!

3. Shaq Sex Tape?

There are reports that a Shaquille O'Neal sex tape is at the center of a recent kidnapping. However, the tape supposedly doesn't exist and the kidnapping is just the result of a financial dispute.

4. Vancouver Goes NUTS

After the Canucks lost to the Bruins last night, the people of Vancouver erupted in anger. These videos are insane. People are being thrown off Port-o-Potties. Boys are jumping over cars that are on fire. Get a grip, Canada. Seriously ... it's just hockey.

5. Now This Is BMX! (Take Two)

Last week, I posted a crazy video of BMX tricks. I bring you something similar this week. These tricks are absolutely nuts. Mark Webb is a complete animal. Wow.

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