1. Players' Choice

NFL Network polled the players to see who they thought were the league's 100 best. Some of the results would shock a casual fan: Devin Hester at No. 32, Brandon Lloyd at No. 58, Mike Williams at No. 83 (!!!!). It's either a popularity contest, or a nice peek into what the players value when judging who's best. Brandon Lloyd must have a lot of friends, though. I'll just say that.

2. Wrong Pitch

Manchester United's Gary Neville was in Chicago promoting his team's friendly against the Chicago Fire. He threw out this first pitch at The Cell. A small child was listed in serious condition last time I checked.

3. Next Year

Vegas put out its NBA title odds for 2012 Monday. The Heat are the favorites at 5-to-2, with my Bulls right behind them and the Lakers at 6-to-1. I can live with that. It should go up once we trade Carlos Boozer for a nice 2-guard.

5. Numbers Game

If you've never heard of Sporcle, prepare for the rest of your life. They've got a bunch of great sports trivia. Right now I'm working on this NBA Scorers By Age quiz. Bye bye, productivity.

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