1. Now This Is BMX!

I honestly didn't know that most of these tricks were even possible on a bike, let alone anything with wheels. This video is completely unreal. Prepare to be dazzled.

2. Soccer's Prettiest Compilation

Who's the best soccer player in the world? Some say it's Cristiano Ronaldo. Others say Lionel Messi. One thing is for sure -- the tiebreaker cannot be decided by the number of goals they each scored this season. The two all-stars tied once again with 53 each.

3. Lucky Bounce

Meet the world's friendliest crossbar. After hitting the crossbar on a penalty kick, the soccer ball took a lucky bounce back into the goal. The goalie was off celebrating to rather than saving the ricochet.

4. Excuse Me?

This may be the most ridiculous person I have seen at a sporting event. Everybody, please feel free to point and laugh. How about next time you just put on a Dirk Nowitzki jersey and call it a day?

5. A Tribute To Ronaldo

Life before and after Ronaldo is light years apart for the game of soccer. No. 9 changed things for every future Brazilian to play the game. Joga bonito.

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