1. Bill Belichick Did What!

If you didn't tune in and watch the final installment of the NFL draft, you may have missed this. And we all thought "The Hoodie" was too principled to extend insignificant streaks ...

2. Let Mendenhall Explain

After a series of his tweets struck a nerve, Rashard Mendenhall came out and apologized through his blog. If only he was as savvy with his words as he clearly is with his use of various social media platforms.

3. A Potential Cure For NFL Lockout Blues

If those of you suffering from withdrawal symptoms due to a lack of football gambling opportunities were wondering, this is not a good solution.
While it might sound nice that some of these kids are getting some much-needed cash, I can't see this ending well.

4. Hangover 2 Hang-up

For any fans of "The Hangover" or seeing Mike Tyson's supposedly trademarked tattoo on other people's faces, this will come as sad news. The most interesting question that has arisen from the debate: When does a tattoo become art? I hope they get Chris "Birdman" Anderson as an expert witness.

5. The Battle For No. 2

It turns out that new teammates Cam Newton and Jimmy Clausen both actually want to be No. 2. The rookie and the returning starter have each recently stated that they hope to wear 2 on the back of their jersey on opening day. We thought all Clausen had to lose was his manhood, but it turns out he could lose much more.