1. First Shot

College football is still like four months away. Must feel like an eternity for Ohio State haters. Till then, they'll just have to settle for plastering interstate highways with Tressel digs.

3. Tell Us How You Really Feel

Twitter really showed its worth over the past 24 hours with all the Osama commotion. Of course, social media savvy athletes hit the timelines along with the rest of us. Deadspin has an essay, composed entirely of athlete Osama tweets. Genius.

4. Ozzie

I really hope the White Sox learn how to play baseball soon. Not only because I'm a lifelong fan and I'm embarrassed, but so Ozzie doesn't get fired and baseball loses its best personality.

5. Exclusive Feet

I doubt sneaker fanatics dream of being in the NBA because of the riches, fame and women. No, I think they envy pro ballers because of the limitless array of dope shoes they get to wear on a nightly basis. Often only once. Check this Complex list of the top player exclusive kicks ever.