1. Invasion Of The Floppers

James Harden's dive is only the most recent egregious example of the flop culture pervading our sports. Complex.com does a great job documenting 50 milestones from the invasion. Also, they should be commended for kicking the list off with two examples from the Heatles.

2. David Beckham Does It All

The LA Galaxy star has finally provided a counter argument against those who say that all he amounts to is a lucky husband who can curve a soccer ball. At the same time, Beckham allowed himself to add a usable skill to his resume for when soccer is no longer an option. Still, you've got to imagine that an American athlete probably wouldn't have been nearly as gentle.

3. Match Made In Miami

Breaking News: LeBron has a friend who is not a teammate of his. Maybe it was James who helped Drake come up with, "Look at where I landed, you would think I planned it. I'm just doing me and you can never understand it."

4. Presidential Pingpong

It turns out that President Obama knows how to slam with a paddle as well as on a basketball floor. However, the boys do have the excuse of being at least a little intimidated by the Secret Service members surrounding them.

5. Barry Bonds Regains Good Karma

It looks like Barry has finally done something right. Even more impressive though is the fact that he didn't turn the nice gesture into a media stunt, instead keeping it on the down low.