1. "It Was Supposed To Be A One-Time Thing"

ESPN's E:60 crew digs into the lives of the Vancouver Canucks' Green Men. Carrie Underwood and Vince Vaughn would not approve.

2. Posh In Mourning

A British journalist compared Victoria Beckham's royal wedding attire to that of a funeral wardrobe. My questions: how did that hat stay on her head? And doesn't David oddly resemble fellow Brit Ricky Gervais?

3. Prince On The Pitch

Don't think Becks was the only talented footballer at the wedding. The prince had his own warm-up match a few days before tying the knot with Kate. See his action photos.

4. Major League Teams As Hip-Hop MC's

Eminem for the Red Sox? Ludacris for the Cubs? Wu-Tang Clan for the Braves? See what Hip-Hop artists represent each MLB team.

5. The Week's Other Prince

Can William cover 176-plus square feet at cornerback? Does he have a 38-inch vertical leap? Can he run as fast as 19.63 mph? No, but Giants' draft pick Prince Amukamara can.