1. Kemba, Huskies Get Presidential Treatment

After shocking the free world with a crazy March run, the Connecticut Huskies traveled to the White House to be congratulated by its leader. Of course, Obama didn't miss an opportunity to pitch the Chicago Bulls to Kemba Walker when he got a chance.

2. Coach K Finally Makes a Mistake

At long last, we can put to rest all those conspiracy theories about Coach K being infallible. Unless, this seemingly stupid mistake is all part of his complex master plan. I wouldn't put it past the man.

3. Real Men Play Frisbee

Amazing trick shot videos are usually left to basketballers, but Brodie Smith and his trusted Frisbee are here to change that.
Let's just hope any of this took too much time away from his studies, because I'm guessing it did.

4. The IIHF: Where Amazing Happens

Although there have been a number of great plays in the chase for the Stanley Cup, few if any are comparable to this amazing effort from this Finn at the world championships. The only question now is whether or not this will get him an NHL roster spot. Either way, check out the video, you might even learn some Finnish.

5. Great (Virtual) NFL News

I know this isn't the football-related news we've all been hoping for, but the update on Madden 12 is much better news than what we've gotten from courtrooms recently. Sure, some of the technical discussion may sound a little nerdy, but it's nothing compared to the legal terms that are now being thrown around.