1. Bad Heads

Complex put together a pretty funny collection of the 10 ugliest craniums the NBA has ever seen. Glad somebody else noticed the currents on Shane Battier's dome too.

2. Go Ahead, Card Me

Check out this fan-instigated fut-brawl. Even the ref isn't safe from a couple good shots to the chops.

3. Rough Day

Next time you want to complain about a bad day, think about Sam Young.
Not only was the Grizzlies run partially credited to him being benched for OJ Mayo, poor Sam had his car stolen right after the Grizz's Game 7 loss. Don't feel too sorry for him, though. He makes a bunch of money to play basketball. And he got his car back.

4. Brew Box Score

Pretty cool app called BeerStat. Compiles the nutritional value, prices and amount of alcohol you consume. So now you can keep track of all the $10 Bud Lights you buy at the stadium.

5. Shots Fly Free

Pretty cool trick shot video. These guys are "professionals" and not actually Southwest Airlines employees, but great advertising nonetheless.