1. Piggyback Ride!

What's better than dunking the ball? Oh, I know! Getting a piggyback ride as a reward. This clip, from Rajon Rondo's high school days, shows him sitting on a defender's shoulders after a dunk.

2. Can't Get Kenny

The guys on "Inside the NBA" tried to prank Kenny Smith when he was reviewing Carlos Boozer tape. Little did they know, Kenny doesn't experience fear.

3. This Can't Be The Future

There is no possible way that this video can help improve your basketball ability. No chance. Stick to the gym, not some makeshift backyard Six Flags thrill ride.

4. Yee-Haw, Ochocinco To Ride Bull

Ochocinco has accepted a challenge to ride a bull at the upcoming Professional Bull Riding Lucas Oil Invitational. If Ochocinco can hold on for longer than eight seconds, he wins a new F150 truck and exclusive rights to name the bull. He's thinking he'll name it Marvin Lewis. No joke.

5. The New Robert Green

Robert Green can take a deep sigh of relief. This goalkeeper just blew an easier save.