1. It's Magic

Here's Magic Johnson giving his take on the Lakers' ... classless loss ... to the Dallas Mavericks. Somebody fire the teleprompter guy. Can't expect a man who's played basketball his entire life to give an unscripted opinion on a basketball game.

2. Wave Series Decks

Some pretty dope skate decks from Tom Veiga. I don't know who Tom Veiga is, nor do I skate. But noteworthy nonetheless.

3. Watch Your Back

I'm a fan of tattoos.
If there's something that means enough to you to endure hours of pain and pay for it, then by all means go for it. Except you Andrei Kirilenko. What is this?

4. Real World Of Real Madrid

I hear "I don't understand why soccer is such a big deal," pretty regularly. It took me until high school to realize it, but nothing in the States - save for maybe NBA All-Star weekend and the parking lot at Dodgers Stadium - can compare to soccer when it comes to good ol' thuggery. This picture is of Real Madrid's team bus following a 6-2 beatdown of Sevilla. Sevilla's fans stoned Cristiano and Co. before they left the stadium grounds.

5. Vanessa's Wrath

Bill Plaschke of the L.A. Times tossed out an interesting theory behind Pau Gasol's self-abduction during the playoffs. Apparently Pau wasn't speaking to Kobe because of Bryant's wife, Vanessa. Not because he was jealous of how fine she is either. Plaschke is saying that Mrs. Bryant may have broken Pau and his ex-girl up. I guess running All-Star centers out of Los Angeles is what makes Kobe and Vanessa soulmates.