1. Flipping Incredible PK

It's hard to make a penalty kick stand out. Most attempts are pretty direct and by-the-book. That's what makes this backflip all the more spectacular.

2. And A Side Of ...

Andruw Jones was just trying to chase down a foul fly ball. Then a fan decided to share a meal with the outfielder. The best part? The announcers trying to figure out what the food was, then rejoicing when they got the answer.

3. Exercise Ball Fail

Exercise balls have plenty of fantastic uses. This is absolutely, positively not one of them.

4. Downtime At The DIamond

If the Yankees are cruising, and the guy sitting in front of you at Yankee Stadium falls asleep, what do you do? You obviously use his head as the base in a cup-stacking game.

5. Cop-a-feel Carlos

Carlos Delfino hit a big three with time winding down against the Miami Heat. He celebrated by sneaking a quick grab on Heat coach Erik Spoelstra's rear.

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