1. Running Wild

Yes, we're all pretty shocked about the Orioles impressive start, but obviously not as much as this crazy fan. Luckily the security at Oriole Park gave this guy his minute of fame and let him sprint across the outfield before collapsing in the dirt. Much easier than tackling him, and much more fun to watch.

2. Christmas in April

Speaking of baseball, now that the regular season is here, that means counting down to your favorite ballpark giveaway days. But hey, this is the 21st century, which means you're not going to get your typical bobble-head or mini-bat. Who doesn't want American Girl doll-sized clothes?

3. Electronic Kick-Ballin'

For those of us not lucky enough to play in the big leagues, at least we have our kickball leagues to fall back on. But what's the point if your teammates don't abide by the No. 1 rule of fun and beers come first? Although, outrageous emails do make everyone's day.

4. Top Dog

Sure, the UConn Huskies came out on top at the end of March Madness, but that shouldn't give Jim Nantz the right to pull out every dog-related pun in the book. Based on the rigor of his delivery, you can't help but wonder if he had those scripted and ready to go, regardless of who won.

5. Dog Days Are Over

And even though the Huskies are the champions, for now at least, it doesn't mean its students are invincible. From bonfires to riots, UConn made the news today for its crazy post-game celebration antics. My favorite? White boy breakdancing, UConn's hottest new sport.